William Ashford
Biographical Information
Current Residence
  • Unknown
Place of Birth
  • Akuze
Date of Birth
  • 14 BNE
Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Chronological and Political Information

New Empire

  • CEO
Family Information

Donovon Ashford


Miranda Ashford


Alexia Ashford

Skills and Abilities
  • Basic

"May there always be a market for the things we do."
―William Ashford

William is the son of Marcus Ashford and Current CEO of Umbrella Corporation. He has two children that he cloned from his DNA and from the corpse of his ancestor Alexia Ashford, whose remains were mummified.

Early Life/Career Edit

Born 14 BNE on the planet, Elysium. Unlike his fathers chilehood, he would associate with people and make


friends instead of being a loner that shuts people out. The rest of his childhood is unknown. In 1 NE, William graduated academy on Elysium with the highest honors then anyone else in his class. William then joined Umbrella, where he worked in the science division where he started to research more on the G-Virus on its effects on animals then people. During the years in the science division, William invented a cure to the t-virus known as the Anti-Virus that has to be injected fast when bitten. William was appointed as head of the division after the discovery of the cure to the t-virus. Sometimes william would carry around a vile of the cure in his pocket just incase of an outbreak that might happen.

Control of Umbrella Edit

In 22 NE, after his fathers death William takes control the company. HE started to put all funds on a new project. Genetically engineering two children by combining his dna and the dna of the mummified corpse of of his ancestor Alexia Ashford. In 2 NE, his test tub children are born, there nam
9638134 tml

Donovon Ashford

es are

Miranda Ashford

Donovon Ashford and Miranda Ashford. After his children were "born", he made sure that they were well educated and loyal to him only and would never question his orders no matter what the order is. He then scraped all documants of his fathers future works and made sure they would never see the light of day again. But he made sure to keep the most important details in a safe place for his own gain. Today, Umbrella Corporation is still the biggest player in the market thanks to his quick thinking and his way of manipulating his rivals, employees and his own children just for his unknown ideals.

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