The War of the Kizil Dayr was an armed conflict, fought in the Regions of Wild Wald, Sberdavyznd, The planet of Centra and the valley of the Kizil Dayr between the Islamic Republic of Tracikstan, Korneria and Krakavia.

The war, who began in a series of border skirmishes in the unclear frontiers made in the Treaty of Vlodia, between the three nations, began in December 2043, when it was escalated with the Krakavian Czarine, Natalia I Sverdavyznd, ordered to the FADNP to occupy the disputed areas:

This will escalate the war, who will last from December 2043 to February 2047.

During the war, only Krakavia and Tracikstan formally were in war, but acted as well, supporting Krakavia, with troopers and armament -disguised as FADNP troopers- Curtopia, Korneria and the Republic of Serdaristan, meanwhile Tracikstan was backed by Puro Pan Republik and Bazikstan.

During the war, the MUJTRA suffered a series of major defeats, that ended in a coup d'etat against President Hamurled Hamerlán, and the Puropanian, seeing their Tracik allies where unnnable to stop the Krakavian offensive, seized the control of the remaining un-occupated areas of the nation.

Officially, the casualities of the war were, in total, less than 55.000 people. However, non-official estimates of the losses go as up as 300.000 to 700.000 people, between combatants and civilians, of both sides, and other nations involved

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