Organizational information

James Sarif

Led by


Major products
  • Software
    • Ex: Droid programming, AI creation, etc
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Ex: Personal Computers, Communicators, etc
Chronological and political information



A multinational, galaxy-spanning, super-company worth trillions in practically every currency, VirtuCorp is ImperiusX's main producer of Software and Consumer Electronics, dominating those markets as much as feasibly possible in the face of government anti-trust laws. It tends to take the same attitude of dominating -- and monopolizing, where possible -- those markets in other nations as well, making it both a ruthless competitor and an aggressively profitable organization.

Understandably, VirtuCorp's unrelenting drive for profits was not always appreciated by the general public, especially the business-people it deposed, so it sometimes partook in philanthropic ventures in an effort to counter-balance peoples' perception of it as a heartless organization.

Despite being vital to the nation's economy, the company and ImperiusX's government have often had altercations over VirtuCorp's handling of safety and environmental regulations, with the government sometimes even going so far as to threaten the nationalization of the company, with minimal compensation to its owners, if the company did not start acting more responsibly. Most altercations never escalated that far, however, and were solved outside of court and behind closed doors.

As of 9 NE, the company's record had improved significantly as CEO James Sarif began gradually reigning in the power of the regional executive boards and implementing a new code of conduct for upper-level management employees that would ensure a more professional corporate culture and more accountability within the company.

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