Valerion Ferra
Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Adanac, ImperiusX

Date of Birth

9 NE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color
  • Caucasian
  • Grey
Chronological and Political Information



Sith Sabre

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles
  • Makashi
  • Juyo
  • The Force
  • Galactic Basic
  • Refined Sith'ari
Other Skills
  • Charismatic
  • Highly Adaptable
Miscellaneous Information

Lightsabre (red)

Valerion Ferra is a Rank II Imperius Sabre. He, like any other good Sabre, is highly intelligent, loyal, skilled and dedicated.

Unlike many, however, Valerion chose to specialize in more diplomatic pursuits after his General Training was over. Thusly, he became very charismatic, persuasive, and generally a "silver-tongued smooth-talker" once he had completed his Specialization Training.
Coupled with his bold personality and natural confidence, he is regarded by his peers as a master of the spoken word.

Despite this, Valerion's skills in combat are still excellent, and are not to be discounted just because he specialized in a non-combat oriented program.

Perhaps most importantly -- to him and his peers, at least -- Valerion's boldness and confidence has allowed him to actively and openly flirt with Princess Tanis; a feat attempted by many, but with very few succeeding in remaining firmly unintimidated by her status, power or father. As of 12 NE, when he is 21, he is considered by the media to be "in the lead", as it were, out of all the young men courting her. Though feeling no obligation to comment on the matter, Tanis secretly feels the same way.
Val 1

Valerion is no pacifist.

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