Since my last blog, we have implemented a number of big changes around here. Some are obvious, such as the total makeover, and some aren't. I've added 9 new templates and I've placed a list of all our currently used templates on the Recent Wiki Activity page. Just above that, I've also placed a link to a category page where you will find a list of articles that need attention. I expect that list to grow, so make sure you're always taking a peek to see if there isn't anything you might be able to add.

Finally, what may be the biggest change of all, there are rumors abound that Nations on Facebook will soon be no more. This means that everything that has been built over the last three years that hasn't been documented here may be lost. So please, make sure you're archiving important threads and you're making articles to record our history. We can always RP off-site, but we'll never get our history back if the Nations app disappears.

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