Modular infoboxes are a new feature available on the Facebook Nations Wiki. In short, they make use of 'module templates' which contain sections of infobox code that, when combined, create a complete infobox. This provides a number of advantages: it will be easier, and less time consuming, to create new infoboxes or edit existing ones, syntax errors will be easier to spot with less code to search, and new features, such as infobox color schemes (which will become available as existing infoboxes are modularized), can be added to all modular infoboxes at once, reducing their roll-out time from months to minutes.

Over the coming weeks/months, existing infoboxes will be modularized. This will not affect how they appear, and all pages which already use them will be unchanged. It will, however, add any new features that have not already been added.

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