The United States of Shaikhtopia (USS) is represented by Supreme Leader Rumman Shaikh. This country has adopted a free election process which allows each citizen to vote freely for whatever type of representation they feel appropriate. Upon the birth of each new child, a multi-function processor is implanted in the child's brain which provides each citizen with 100% of all new information experienced by said child. All citizens are afforded the right to free health care and the medical community frequently sponsors seminars on healthy living and dieting.

Crime is non-existent due to the constant vigilance of a well organized policing force which exclusively uses capital punishment against all violators of the law. This country is very well protected by a military force of highly specialized individuals working through a highly bureaucratic system. The reigning state religion demands the obedience of all citizens in Shaikhtopia (USS). In Shaikhtopia (USS), learning is held to the highest of virtues and any citizen may take free classes to further their education.

The citizens of Shaikhtopia (USS) are so environmentally conscious they live entirely on the three day old droppings of vegetarian animals. The work day has been extended to 24 hours, given that sleep is a commodity which only the wealthy can afford, and any freedom which a citizen understands should be available to them is made available once it is forwarded to all known acquaintances and posted in their front lawn for the public to review.

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