"The purpose of the UID is to be an extensive network of nations whose mission is to be a force of might, hope and justice against those who would seek to disrupt world peace and order by means of tyranny, injustice or oppression."

-From the United Imperan Directorate's mission statement

The United Imperan Directorate is among the oldest alliances in Facebook Nations and has taken part in many major conflicts that have shaped the Nations world.


The armed forces of the UID, officially known as the UID Standing Force (USF), normally consist of 15% of the total combined militaries of its member nations. As of August 10, 2010 this total was reported at slightly over 2.5 trillion personnel, with the USF commanding 377,574,153,687 soldiers. In times of emergency the UID may vote on an Elected Draft to temporarily increase the percentage drawn from each member's military.



The UID was founded on August 23, 2008 amidst the tensions of the Koraxico Conflict, the first major standoff in Nations history, by then-Head Director Romani and then-Vice Director Seely. The UID continued to grow without incident until November, when Vice Director Seely resigned without warning. As Head Director Romani was partially inactive at the time then-Master Curator Gene Smith was appointed Acting Head Director. It was at this time that Smith established the UID's ties to the United Nations with the election of a UID Ambassador to the UN on November 15 and, four days later, the mobilization of UID forces in defense of Organization XIII, a member of the UN Security Council which had been threatened with invasion by the nation of Scottenland. Although the situation was resolved peacefully, this was the first demonstration of the UID's willingness to support the UN militarily, something which would later become standard UID policy.

Romani returned on November 19, assuming a figurehead role and appointing Smith to the position of Vice Head Director on November 20, handing down control of most of the duties associated with running the UID. Shortly thereafter the UID again lent its aid to the United Nations, gathering a volunteer force 42 million strong to assist the UN's mission to depose the ruler of The Friendly Religious Country of Lebanon.

In late November the UID began taking part in negotiations to form the World Peace Organization, one of the earliest attempts to centralize inter-alliance diplomacy. Despite interest from several alliances, however, the WPO would ultimately fail.

On December 11 the UID again mobilized for war, later invading and defeating the Galactic Empire of Zombiestan following its attacks on the Federal Republic of South Cumbria, a member of the UID. On December 19 discussions began regarding the formation of a dedicated UID military, which would ultimately lead to the formation of the UID Standing Force.




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