United Confederate Planets
Political Information
Type of Government

Multiple Planet Confederacy

Head of State


Executive Branch


Legislative Branch

Provisional Congress

Judicial Branch

High Court

Societal Information

Yukon City, Cleburne

Official Language

Galactic Basic


UCP Note

Historical Information
Formed From

Insurrection Planets from the Stonewall Federation

Date of Establishment

February, 12 NE

Date of Dissolution

March 9, 12 NE


The United Confederate Planets, or UCP, was formed in February of 12 NE in opposition to expansion of federation power by the Stonewall Federation. The first president was Jerry Howitzer, who had been a Militia Commander on Cleburne, and was elected by the Provisional Congress on February 24th.

The UCP Crisis

With the formation of the UCP, panic broke out across the Stonewall Federation that another civil war would break out. In response to the formation, Supreme Commander William Bedford Forrest deployed over 50,000 ships to blockade Cleburne, Cheatham, and Bragg because all three planets had declared rebellion.

The blockade above Cleburne was broken by UCP Forces and a large, older fleet of aged Venator class star destroyers, however the Federation retaliated and destroyed Cleburne's forces. The remaining UCP forces fled to Bragg, Semmes (who had recently joined the UCP), and Cheatham. UCP Forces preventing the blockades from landing troops on Bragg and Cheatham were smashed in a Federation counter-offense, thus allowing troops to land and take control of the two planets.

Nearly a month later, Federation forces launched a heavy offensive against the fortified UCP forces at Semmes, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides. After several days of heavy fighting in space and on the ground, Federation forces emerged victorious when UCP forces surrendered at the Battle of Eagle City, the capital of the planet. President Howitzer surrendered, along with the planetary legislative body, thus causing the UCP to be disbanded.

After the end of the battle, Stonewall Federation's chancellor, Theodore Jackson, emphasized that although the crisis had been ended, the federation government needed to treat planets better to prevent these revolts. Further, he refused to prosecute members of the rebellion with felony convictions, rather barring them from political office.

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