United Chinese Alliance 中華聯盟 (UCA)
Logo of the UCA
Map of area around China

Official Name

United Chinese Alliance 中華聯盟

Motto ""
Formation 2008-12-07
Type IGO
Legal status Association
Purpose/focus Peacekeeping, Humanitarian, Trade
Region served Worldwide
Membership Chinese affiliated nations, Non-Chinese observer nations
Official languages English, 中文
Secretary General Andy Koo
Main organ Assembly
Affiliations Asian Alliance
Federal Republic of China
Staff 7
Website Nations Alliance
Facebook Group
Former name Chinese United Nations

中華聯盟 United Chinese Alliance

Logo by Wei Qiu [1]


United Chinese Alliance is a supranational organization representing the international interests of Chinese and those who wish to co-operate with the Chinese. It is a world organization akin to the United Nations, with an equivalent purpose to ensure peace and prosperity amongst the Chinese people and their neighbours.

General Secretary:Edit

Mutual Co-Operation Council:Edit

Objective 1:Edit

To guard the interest of the Chinese people and to defend the Chinese culture from invasion.

Objective 2:Edit

To defend all member nation from attacks by foreign powers.

Objective 3:Edit

To create a trading network that benefits all member nations.

The terms of membership:Edit

  1. As a member of United Chinese Alliance, you shall not attack political ideology of another member, if found doing so, you will be expelled from UCA.
  2. UCA members cannot make another fellow member enemies, if found doing so, they will be expelled from UCA.
  3. Members of UCA should actively promote UCA to other Chinese Nations.
  4. Upon joining UCA, you should add all other members as an ally.
  5. If a fellow member of the UCA is being attacked, all other members should aid him/her in the war.

Regulations for observers:Edit

  1. No voting power for observers.
  2. UCA has no obligation to protect the countries of observers, but members can choose to aid them if they wish.



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