Sacred Order of Valiant Knights

The Sacred Order of Valiant Knights is the fourth largest faction in Nations.

S.O.V.K. History:

On May, 19th 2010 the two great factions of the Grand Chivalry Alliance and the Sacred Order of Valiant Knights merged to create one great faction dedicated to chivalry and the knightly way.


1. Thomas Johns

2. Thomas Johns

3. Derrick Capa

4. Alex Tietsort

5. Thomas Johns

6. Erik Ferguson

7. Alex Tietsort

8. Thomas Johns

Vice - Executives:

1. Sumeet Tattla (Under Thomas)

2. Alex Tietsort (Under Thomas)

3. Chris Benedicto (Under Thomas, Derrick, and Alex)

4. Logan Edvalson (Under Alex)

5. Miguelito Rivera (Under Thomas)

6. Josh Mudie (Under Erik and Alex)

7. David Eck (Under Thomas)

The Wall of Fame:

Emperor Thomas Johns (1st, 2nd, 5th, & 8th Executive, Renown Legislator, and Founder)
Emperor Derrick Capa (3rd Executive and Renown Legislator)
Emperor Alex Tietsort (4th Executive, 7th Executive and Renown Legislator)
Emperor Erik Ferguson (6th Executive and Renown Legislator)

Current positions within the faction: (as of 22/11/2010)

The Impirical Leadership
Emperor: Thomas Johns
Chancellor: David Eck
Royal General: Jared Twist
Lt. General: Justin Harry
Patriarch: Alex Tietsort
Secretary of Recruitment: TBA
Secretary of Internal/External Affairs: Francis Berryman
Secretary of Justice: Josh Mudie
Secretary of Diplomacy: Wesley Leonard

Created by Josh,

Edited by Tom

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