U'lutk IV



Average height

1.5-2 meters

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color
  • Black
  • Blue (rarely)
  • Pointed ears
  • Human-like nose
  • Facial tendrils
  • Lack of a mouth
Average lifespan

85-100 years

Famous members


The Ulutki were a humanoid race of amphibious people native to the fourth moon of the gas giant U'lutk, which they revered as a god in ages past. They were timid and shy as a race and not quick to trust outsiders. They were discovered in the Empire's survey of the Unknown Regions sometime between 4 NE and 12 NE. They officially joined the Empire in 17 NE and quickly found a niche in the tourism business, opening up their unspoiled waterworld to resorts, who ferried tourists around under the pristine Ulutki oceans in vast luxury submarine hotels.

Ulutkis generally stand about 1.75 meters tall and weigh between 40 and 60 kilos. Their most distinguishing "alien" feature is their facial tendrils, which completely cover the lower half of their face and hang in place of a conventional mouth. These tendrils are used for eating as well as speaking, as they absorb nutrients dissolved in liquids and can have air forced through them to create sound. Because they are required to utilize all of their tendrils whilst speaking, their speech is often considered melodious and ethereal by others, who describe the sound as many different voices all speaking in harmony with one another. The effect is generally agreed to be pleasing to the ear.

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