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The True Sith Order, known more commonly simply as the True Sith, were an Order that can trace its origins into the GFFA. The True Sith arrived in Milky Way Galaxy in 2044 NE, establishing their power and becoming a dominant Sith entity. According to records, the True Sith are responsible for many Sith Order's being exterminated during its more expansionist era, yet by the time of the New Empire, it had calmed.

It maintained a good level of relations with the Jedi Order before one of its Sith Masters Darth Atrumcavus attacked the Grand Master, and broke the peace between them. The True Sith in the latter parts of the first decade of the Empire, entered into a civil war which split the foundations of the True Sith into several factions {to be listed at later date}. One of these factions, headed by Darth Chiarcmorn was responsible for the attack on the Grand Master during the Third Jedi Convocation.

After that attack, the galaxy stayed away from the Vortex Union, where the True Sith went into full civil war. At this time, documents were lost about the result of the True Sith battle, but it is alleged that one faction did emerge victorious from the struggle. The Vortex Union and the True Sith Order sunk into the unknown, forgotten by time and history.

The True Jedi Order would later use the True Sith as influence for their Order.

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