City Wookieepiedia 1





Thorn System


1 - Satk

Orbital Position

6th of 12



Rotation Period

48 Standard Hours

Orbital Period

2 Standard Years



Equatorial Diameter

13,500 km


Nitrogen/Oxygen - Breathable




0.9 g

Primary Terrain


Immigrated Species
Primary Language(s)
  • Refined Sith'ari
  • Galactic Basic
  • Supervised Corporatocracy
  • Benevolent Dictatorship/Monarchy/Empire

~4 Billion

  • Imperians
  • Therinites
Major Cities


Major Imports

Raw Materials

Major Exports
  • Industrial Goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Software
  • Hardware


A planet-wide ecumenopolis, Therin is a "market-world", with it's primary focuses being economy, finance and business. It is the economic powerhouse of ImperiusX, primarily because many of the country's consumer-safety and labour restrictions are considerably more relaxed on its surface. The federal government largely turned a blind eye to business ventures that occured on the planet, so long as they complied with the high taxes on exports, rather severe surveillance of public and semi-private areas, didn't break any fundamental laws, and could manage the extensive public and private bureaucracies.

Therin was also the only planet in ImperiusX where indentured servitude and recreational drugs were legal, being unemployed was essentially taboo, and the welfare system was minimal.

Although deemed a "necessary evil", of sorts, by Darth Salisk, harsher restrictions were placed upon it during the reign of Darth Sadis.

Indentured Servitude

When indentured servitude was legalized early in Therin's history, numerous Imperians, living both on- and off-world, as well as civil rights groups both foreign and domestic, objected; with popular accusations of the time being that the federal government had given in to "special interests" over the well-being of the nation, and that it was essentially legalizing slavery.

The planetary government, however, defended indentured servitude as a budding industry invaluable to the relatively young nation's economy, and asked the emperor not to intervene. The governor of the time insisted that indentured servitude would be treated like common internships rather than enslavement, and promised to implement clear and balanced rules for indentured servants and their employers.

The emperor placed a moratorium on Therin's indentured servitude, but allowed the planetary government to go through with its plans, saying he would lift the suspension only on the condition that the new rules would absolutely protect servants from abuse. The governor drafted and eventually passed into law the extensive rules that dictated indentured servitude contracts, and the emperor lifted the moratorium.

Decades later, by roughly 10 NE, the move to keep indentured servitude legal was still a point of contention with some groups, although the blame was almost exclusively pinned on the planetary government.

When Therin's early governor retired and the next governor took over, the new planetary government held its predecessor's position on the issue and continued to defend indentured servitude as a fully legitimate service industry, citing the fact that servitude contacts had gotten increasingly more thorough over the years and claiming that they well-enforced and protected the employee while still being fair to employers.

Nevertheless, most firms that utilize Therin's indentured servitude manage their off-world PR very carefully.

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