"The Theocracy of Birts-Dao shall be based upon the principles and teachings of Daosim to better advance all the peoples of the theocracy towards spiritual enlightenment." - opening passage of the constitution of the Theocracy of Birts-Dao.


The Theocracy of Birts-Dao was founded in 1856, when Grand Master James Wilkinson II led a coup, supported by the Daoist leaders, against his father, Chieftan Wilkinson I of the City-State of Birts. Following the coup, the City-State was abolished, and the theocratic government replaced it. During Grand Master Wilkinson II rule, Birtsmorton continued to grow, reaching a reasonable size upon his death in 1867. His successor, Grand Master Wilkinson III, began expansion southwards, subjecting the Christian south to the rule of the Theocracy. Initial accepting of traditional Birtish rule, the Christian population only became restless when Grand Master Wilkinson III began a policy of oppression against the south, attempting to completely erradicate the Orthodox Birtish Church. So began a long period of struggle. Initially this was peaceful, but following armament of the Christians by foriegn powers, two rebel groups soon emerged - the Lord's Red Army and Dera te Vakra Telle (Bears of the Evil Spirits). In 1901, under the rule of Grand Master Wilkinson IV, the Great Temple of Dao was bombed by the rebels, triggering the First Birtish Civil War, with the Daoist/tribal armies fighting against the Christian seperatists. With the support of New Xanadu, Los Invisibles and Prussia Concordia, the Daoist army was forced back to Birtsmorton. The fragile rule of the theocratic government was then shattered, with the tribes once more refusing to accept the authority of Birtsmorton. On 8th October 1908, the Theocracy of Birts-Dao was dissolved, and the city of Birtsmorton abandoned, bringing an end to Chieftan Wilkinson I dream of a united, settled Birtish population for another 80 years. The tribes returned to their divided wandering of the traditional Birtish lands, although no inter-tribal battles occurred in the period until the rise of the first Great Khan.

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