The United Empire of Sovereign Imperial Monarchy
SIM Flag.jpg
MottoUnited we fight, united in might
AnthemUnified Journey
Royal anthemEternal Honor
CapitalSIM City Proper (Government): Armadia

Sekora (Royal): Armadia

Largest city Port Central
Official language(s) Universal Standard (ENG)
Ethnic groups  35% Armadian, 65% other
Demonym SIM, Imperials
Government Joint Absolute Monarchy
 -  Executive Emperor Sun Han
 -  Monarch -Monarch: Kora Donno

-Monarch: Yonan Morimoto

-Monarch: Dae-Hyun Bak

-Monarch: Genrei Sakuya

-Monarch: Sukana Kubashi

-Monarch: Tokuda Hachiru
 -  Chancellor Bedal Jeon
 -  Commander-in-Chief Zenma Kubashi
 -  Supreme Chief Justice Deshi Tseng
Legislature United Assembly
 -  Upper House Imperial Senate
 -  Lower House Imperial Union
Declaration of the United Empire
 -  1 P.R. (Declared)  
 -  0 P.R. (Official Formation)  
 -  2012 census --- (Estimated to be above 10^100) 
GDP (PPP) 2012 estimate
 -  Total ‡--- (Estimated to be above 10^100) 
 -  Per capita ‡--- 
GDP (nominal) 2012 estimate
 -  Total ‡--- (Estimated to be above 10^100) 
 -  Per capita ‡--- 
Currency United Imperial Credit ()

General InformationEdit

The United Empire of Sovereign Imperial Monarchy is an absolute monarchy, but have a joint monarchy at the same time. The United Empire is made up of six other major empires thus creating the joint government of empires. There are seven top monarchs ruling in the United Empire, where one monarch known as the Executive Monarch is the main leader. The United Empire is dominantly a nation that operates mainly in space due to its vast size of interstellar holdings and distances between each holdings.

The United Empire has six universes in total with its sovereignty in place, but only five of them are in totally complete sovereignty. Each universe has its own monarch and are categorized by sectors according to the monarch's name. One of the six universes is the only universe in the empire that holds multiple different foreign nations residing in the universe. The Saito Sector or the Chikyuu Empire is the sovereignty that other nations are most likely and able to interact with as Tokuda Hachiru would be the monarch they can address to since the Executive Emperor resides in another universe and will most likely not make any sort of appearances in the Saito Sector.

In regards to the Saito Sector or the Chikyuu Empire, the current location of the capital government city is located in the Vega Proper system within the Vega Star System. The Vega Star System is under heavy military protection as it also serves as the main head quarters of the Fleet Command and the Strategic Integrated Military. The star system also houses the Vega Technology Institution which is a massive corporation that advances technological capabilities, usually for the Strategic Integrated Military, but they also contain technologies exclusive to the Vega Technology Institution.

The Royal family of Tokuda resides within the Saito Galaxy which is located beneath the Milky Way Galaxy and is where the Imperial city (Hoseki) of the Chikyuu Empire is at.


The Great Beginnings (0 G.B. - 8,256 G.B.)Edit

The general existence of SIM has been dated 22 billion years ago when the universe was recently created. Upon the initial creation, the race of SIM has been born, these races are the first intelligent beings of the universe they are in. The universe is one of the numerous universes that exists in a uniform plane of universes. At the year 0 G.B., first signs of civilization in the planet called Armadia is erected 120 million years after the initial creation of the Armadian Universe. They have developed a language for communications and has established a system of education and a military. Eventually they have evolved to have the concept of warring one another not mainly for power and dominance, but rather for pride. There were five leaders referred to as "The First Warriors", and they lead their own armies into battle, but none of them desires dominant rule or status over everyone else otherwise an order of peace would be brought resulting lack of combat. Then at the year 8,256 G.B. one of the leaders decided to become a tyrant and amassed a large army to carry out his conquests as his ambitions of power is very different among the other Armadians. At first it was a highlight of the other four however it soon turned into a fight for freedom and resistance. The other four had agreed to work together to defeat the tyrant and his armies. This was the first time that the race ever experienced a war that has motives for justice which is the defining moment to where they will be at later in the far future.

The Revolution Era (8,256 G.B. - 0 R.E. - 973 R.E.)Edit

The Great Beginning era was over and the war lasted several centuries with the Tyrant on the advantage of winning the war. A new era has been made known as the Revolution Era after the year 8,256 G.B. Then at the year 967 R.E. there was one particular being who decided to take up the role to lead the armies of freedom commanding the Four Warlords (4 of the First Warriors on the side of freedom). Strangely enough, none of the Warlords or even the warriors disapprove of this mysterious being, but in fact they noticed who that being is. It is commonly a myth among the Armadians stating that in the beginning of the universe that Armadia is in, the very first being to arise is not an Armadian, but a different yet more powerful humanoid being who is named Kubashi Zenma. According to the myth, he has already reached maturity and prime condition of his skills and abilities by the creator of the universes. He has also acquired vast capabilities of intelligence, vast physique, and immortality, but his immortality is not absolute as he can be killed. However, Zenma can revive 1,000,000 years later in an alter that will appear upon his death in an unknown location. So once Zenma has taken command of the freedom warriors against the Tyrant, the outcome of the war is moving towards their side at an incredible scale. At 973 R.E., inevitably the Tyrant has lost and was killed in the war by the hands of Zenma, and with that the Armadians has now entered a period of peace. However peace is not desirable forever by the Armadians due to their passions and thirst for combat. Kubashi Zenma ultimately was placed as emperor of the Armadians, but he reformed the population into a pure military environment which of course appealed to the Armadians unconditionally. The lack of war and conflict in a unified world in Armadia, has forced the people to look outwards for combat which resulted into a necessity for conquest in the reaches of space.

The Silent Age (973 R.E. - 0 S.A. - 1,751 S.A.)Edit

At first the race is unable to reach the capabilities of space travel, and so must endure an era of noncombat for progression of technology, but at 212 S.A., the Armadians began to move forward in technology to extend their range of war ever since the war of the tyrant was the last major war they had. They have advanced incredibly fast in their development of technology, where they have achieved cyber technology at the year 554 S.A. of shear progression. It was not too long until they have obtained the ability to reach space, but that was only the beginning, they must master the concept of space travel and advance the components fit for war in space. It was not until 1,714 S.A. that their technological advancements have reached what they stated as "the technological prime" which is what the Armadians consider to be a point where technology as reached its highest point for warriors to be able to combat the most they can before technology made traditional combat obsolete. After they have acquired the necessary factors of space exploration in 1727 S.A., they set out in their fleets to any location where war is most available. This is when the concept of SIM (Strategic Integrated Military) is formulated to create a more official military power, the designs of this establishment is by the one leader and the four warriors, now known as "The Warlords". All the basis of SIM's technology progresses over the years to fit the standards of the warriors. The conquest of the universe has begun when they first encountered a civilization deemed worthy to fight against in 1751 S.A.

The Grand Conquest (1751 S.A. - 0 G.C. - 22,000,015,302 G.C.)Edit

The species at the first civilization found are brutal and ruthless which creates no hesitation to wage war on them and drive them out. The lasting from 0 G.C. - 8 G.C. war was not a enough to be a snack for the warriors of SIM because more than a thousand years has passed without war. So they continue to seek out across the galaxy for more battles and they soon discovered that every species they encountered shares the same traits of aggressiveness and ruthlessness. This discovery has lead a campaign to commence complete dominance of the universe to fight and drive out every single civilization in their universe. At 156,967 G.C. is when SIM had conquered its first galaxy and soon more galaxies has fallen under the control of SIM.

At the year 17,935,002,901 G.C., the most significant war that has happened was during a campaign against a race of civilization known as the Crone. They are by far the most brutal race that the Armadians have ever seen, all the more reason to fight against them. At first it appears that they only had a single planet with 19 billion inhabitants. This war brought many excitement among the warriors and interest Zenma Kubashi as well. The war was very promising as the Crone proved to be a worthy match against the Armadians and not only by quantity, but quality as well. The Crone nearly matched the Armadians in every way in combat except for the fact that all Armadians has eternal youth with combat experiences going back nearly 18 billion years ago. Then at 17,935,003,213 G.C. the Crone was defeated at the planet, but months later another planet was found with the Crone, and the Armadians were curious of the Crone's history and size. From the ruins of the Crone's archives, the Armadians found that the Crone has existed for several billion years, and the size of their reign extended to several dozen universes, but most of their universes are just scattered colonies not completely controlled universes which explains why no reinforcements had come for the colony SIM had destroyed. This has enlightened SIM that there were multiple universes which provided unlimited opportunities to have combat over numerous wars. With that conclusion, the Strategic Integrated Military had organized a large operation to attack as many colonies of the Crone as they can find in the Armadian universe. Soon, SIM has mounted multiple offensive on the Crone colonies including several colonies that were in fact the size of star systems with more than 15 planets each. It wasn't until 17,935,024,591 G.C. that the amount of colonies lost had grabbed the attention of the Crone Empire. SIM had reached the edge of the universe in 17,935,024,593 G.C. and found a passage hole large enough for a massive star to pass through. The Crone main military force has passed through the passage way to eliminate the Strategic Integrated Military. Their numbers were staggering at first however the numbers of the Armadians had added up over the last 18 billion years which is several times longer than the Crone's existence and the fact that everyone in SIM cannot age beyond their prime body conditions. The Crone were unable to cope with the numbers and quality of the Strategic Integrated Military and their technology was superior than the Crone. The war for the Armadian universe lasted until 17,997,673,003 G.C. when the Crone had exhausted all of their efforts and resources needed to keep up with the momentum, and so were forced to withdraw their colonial hold in the universe of the Armadians.

After the war with the Crone, SIM had made preparations to explore out in different universes using these passage ways and later found that each universes has 4 passage ways at North, South, East, and West linked together with neighboring universes. In the year 17,998,000,319 G.C., one of the Four Warlords has discovered that the universe his forces are exploring was already conquered by one race and have found out that their motives are similar to that of SIM's. Then several decades later other reports in the 3 other neighboring universes were subjected to the same order and motives as SIM. Kubashi Zenma had ordered his 4 warlords to contact the leaders of the four explored universes and arrange a meeting between them and himself. Relatively quick, the leaders in the four universes had responded to meet with Zenma Kubashi in a single meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, it appears that an alliance has been made as each of the leaders had encountered the Crone and fended them off as well as maintaining dominance over their universe though not absolute like that of SIM. The 5 leaders including Kubashi Zenma were known as the "Deities of War" for their shared ideology and experience. Then the Deities of War decided to wage an offensive war against the Crone in the neighboring universes to satisfy their blood lust for war. This is often regarded as the "Second Grand Conquest" due to the scale of this operation. It would last for four billion years at the year 22,000,015,302 G.C. until the Deities of War realized that the innocent multiracial inhabitants they have acquired from their conquest was in need of attention and care which requires a civilized government or "Empire".

Prosperity Reign (22,000,015,302 G.C. - 0 P.R. - Current)Edit

After the Grand Conquest Age, SIM and the other Deities of War decided to answer the cries of the people they are responsible with to tend to their needs and so had created an empire. The declaration was at 0 P.R. as this is to be the new age, then a year later in 1 P.R. the empire is officially formulated as the United Empire of Sovereign Imperial Monarchy. The Deities of War are now serving as monarchs to the empire which effectively added the four neighboring universes from the Armadian universe to be the extent of the empire. Only Kubashi Zenma refused the monarchy role where everyone expected him to become the first supreme emperor of the United Empire, but instead he choose to remain as the supreme commander of his military (Strategic Integrated Military). The purpose of Kubashi Zenma to remain as the head of his military is because he does not want the Strategic Integrated Military to be mixed with the Imperial Military thus hindering the effectiveness of the of the military as it would with just only Armadians. Also he knows the roles of the monarch and what is expected from it along with the fact that being a monarch would drastically hinder his abilities to go into combat freely.

Despite the creation of the empire, the exploration effort had not ceased, but now SIM is an empire and not a military force and so cannot wage a full scale war upon any civilization unless fired upon first. Then at 1528 P.R. (or 17 B.C. Earth time line), the United Empire had found Earth in a particularly unique universe that is found above the Armadian Universe making it the only universe they know to have a fifth passage way linked to their universe.

Military RuleEdit

Before SIM took on the establishment of an empire, it was once referred to as The Military Power of the Strategic Integrated Military. This has reigned for at least 22 billion years and it proved to be a very stable system for the race of SIM. There is no governmental officials or systems, it was purely a military structure with only the Commander-in-Chief as the head officer. The Commander-in-Chief AKA "The General" or "General Zenma", is Kubashi Zenma who favors wars as much as the other Armadians around, but is also considerate of other options of resolution if at all possible. The military is an integrated one with a system much in a structured military organization, but is equipped with high levels of technologies and mass amounts of personnel along with eons of experiences from personnel (see bio for specific info on the race). This military power however needs to be ended in favor of creating a more suitable environment among the inhabitants of occupied territories in control of SIM that has been acquired from the conquests that occurred over billions of years due to the warring minds of the Armadians.

Establishment of an EmpireEdit


Due to the vast areas of territories in SIM's control, there were a considerable amount of inhabitants of many races. This has lead towards the creation of an empire to maintain order and stability among the people. The Empire of SIM has sovereigns in various galaxies within the universe of Earth, but does not have the majority influence of it. The Empire keeps a low enough profile and size to prevent an offset of the natural course of the universe so that it would remain diverse unlike the other universes SIM has explored. The Empire however has sent a small outpost on and around Earth, but it eventually grew into a sovereign state where the Empire has official influences on Earth, but the size is around the averages between the large nations within the Earth region. The military forces there are not full military grade, the entire military of the sovereignty of the lands on Earth are in fact in a training stage. Military personnel in training that are at age 25 in average, they are there for training purposes to experience combat to further train them to become a full pledged military personnel. So the forces there are not the most experienced or veterans, but are still a formidable force compared to most nation's training programs ending around the same ages while SIM's training programs lasts for a considerable amount of time before being admitted as true "warrior". Despite the large sized military personnel in the current lands of SIM on Earth, most personnel are either in their novice or intermediate training sessions, there are small percentages being at advanced or full pledged warriors. Many would assume that Kubashi Zenma would be the top ruler of the Empire, but he decided not to so that the Strategic Integrated Military would remain to exist as it is under his command retaining full military efficiency once the Empire is created. The Executive Emperor did not exist for 65 years upon establishment of the empire since the search for a suitable one is difficult to match up with Zenma's standards, however there are already 4 chosen emperors to rule over 4 out of the 6 universes where there's a major amount of influence from SIM. The four universes under the four emperor's rule is not the Four Warlords, but rather four of the five "Deities of War" which includes Zenma and the 4 other supreme leaders that also obtained dominant control of their universes similar to SIM. The four crowned emperors are in fact the same as Zenma in terms of warfare and levels of intellect, each of the four has done the same of conquering their own universes along with a vastly large military that rivals SIM. So the 4 Deities became emperor of their respective universe under the single entity of the Empire. Then after the long search for a suitable leader, in 66 P.R., the current Executive Emperor was found and selected as he has met the standards according to Zenma to be able to rule exponentially of the new regime known as the United Empire of the Sovereign Imperial Monarchy, his name is known as Han Sun.

Arrival to EarthEdit

It wasn't until the year 1528 P.R. (17 B.C.) that the United Empire has established an outpost on Earth within the Yellow Sea coast in eastern Asia. At 1,810 P.R. (265 A.D.) however, the natives grew more hostile towards the foreign arrival where they demanded them to leave thinking that they have brought bad luck to the Han Dynasty. Eventually this hostility has lead to a war upon the outpost of the United Empire, and due to Earth's significance of being a multinational planet along with it being a central hub of interactions with other nations, the Strategic Integrated Military took the initiative to engage and eliminate the Han Dynasty. This action lead to complete dominance over eastern Asian mainlands. Other additions to the Asian mainlands were added overtime including the Malaysian areas.

Significance of EarthEdit

The Unified Empire of SIM has realized the strategic area of the Sol System as a great area of space to have a series of space holdings in the star system to support the Vega Star System that is relatively nearby. Controlling the Vega Star System would enable the user(s) to obtain a large pool of complex technologies from multiple sources of foreign nations. The reason as to why the United Empire is maintaining the technological system is to understand the nature and functions of the technology from the nation of origin and create a countermeasure against the foreigners should there be a necessity. Or to develop a new type of weapon for general use against any opposing parties.

Creation of the Saito Sector and the Chikyuu EmpireEdit

The outpost of the United Empire over the years have grown significantly where it is much to large to serve as a meer outpost. Also since Earth's universe is considered the sixth universal body of the United Empire, the Eight Lords of the Empire decided to make the sixth universe a part of the United Empire's sovereignty. With the creation of the Saito Sector, the Chikyuu Empire was born in 3,378 P.R.


Strategic Integrated MilitaryEdit

The main military of the United Empire is the Strategic Integrated Military which was actually the predecessor of the United Empire. The personnel in the SIM (military) are all from one race, the Armadians. Reasons as to why the Strategic Integrated Military keeps a strict code of only allowing Armadians is because it has been this way for billions of years and each personnel are physically as well as culturally suited for combat since their beginning.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Integrated Military is Zenma Kubashi who is one of the Nine Lords of the Empire. Zenma is the highest commanding officer second only to the Executive Emperor which means the other six monarchs of the United Empire does not have authority above Zenma. The equality between Zenma and the other Lords of the Empire gives him total authority over the Strategic Integrated Military in any sort of operations. The only limitation to Zenma's authority is the Executive Emperor and the unanimous vote from eight other Lords of the Empire.

The SIM (military) is the most elite armed forces in the United Empire and are the primary military forces when it comes to foreign intervention or affairs. The planetary domestic security of the United Empire are not from the Strategic Integrated Military, but rather a domestic armed forces known as the United Armed Guard.

United Armed GuardEdit

The secondary armed forces of the United Empire, the United Armed Guard serves primarily as a domestic policing military mostly based on planetary systems. It is a significantly smaller military force than the Strategic Integrated Military since a large military force is not needed for a stable, populated planetary system unlike a planetary system that is recently conquered or acquired where a large garrison force is needed to maintain order. The United Armed Guard also serve as the Nine Lords of the Empire personal guards and the noble families of the empire. The limitations of the use of the United Armed Guard as personal armed forces is that they cannot wage war upon any foreign parties without the consent from the Imperial Senate.

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