The Supernaturals was an RP on the Nations Forums, spanning from August 27, 2010 to May 3, 2011. It revolved around a group of supernatural beings and their struggles against a shadowy organisation called "The Society". The action moved from LA, California to Western Europe to the Aegean Sea and even someone's very mind. The story's climax was especially good.

Factions and Organizations

The "Big 4"

  • Hecate's Coven
  • The Society
  • Heaven's Angels
  • Demons of Hell

Humanity's Paranormal Defense Agencies

  • Ostran Royalist Movement
  • Ostran Nationlist Authority
  • Section 3: Elysium Division
  • The SCP Foundation


  • The Illuminati
  • The Guardians
  • The Void
  • The Shadow Realm
  • Hecate's Sects
  • House of Life's Phoenixes



  • Selina Whylde (witch)
  • Hecate (Goddess, Witch Queen)
  • Cas (Half-vampire/sorcerer)
  • Kohlenstoff Charizard
  • Harbinger (Ex-Society Warrior)
  • The L33T World Crew (Humans, now members of the Guardians)
  • Amber (Former member of the Society's leadership and Current Leader of the Guardians)

Minor Characters

  • Amelia Whylde (High-ranking witch, Selina's mother)
  • Jacob Whylde (Warlock, Selina's father)
  • Tamara Whylde (Novice witch, Selina's little sister, 8 yrs old)
  • Tara (Witch, Selina's friend)
  • Schrodinger (Messenger of the Society)
  • Memnoch (Ruler of the Shadow Realm)
  • Rei (Division Vice Captain of the Society)
  • Hitokiri (Division Captain of the Society, Secretly 2nd in Command of the Guardians)
  • Zero (Division Captain of the Society, Secretly a member of the Guardians)
  • Theron Sharp (OpComm of Unit 88, Royalist Assassins)
  • Lily X (1st Lieutenant of Unit 88, Royalist Assassins)
  • Constantine Ward (Sergeant of Unit 88, Royalist Assassins)
  • Sara Caine (Sergeant of Unit 88, Royalist Assassins)


  • Pale Knight/ Erretter (Champion of the Society)
  • Valencia (Division Captain of the Society)
  • Penumbera (Division Captain of the Society)
  • The Other/Vorago (Void being that has infested Harbinger's mind and soul)
  • Lilith (Archdemon)
  • Lucille na Ostrakon (Leader of the Ostran National Authority)
  • Valentine Ward (Superhuman Ghost of the Ostran National Authority)
  • The Master/Praeceptor (Leader of the Society)
  • Void Creatures

And others!


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