The Socialist Empire of MessyEdit

The Socialist Empire of Messy is a democratic heriditary monarchy currently lead by Christopher Murphy XXIII. It is located on the continent of Messy located south of the Aleutian Islands and North of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.


  • Creation

The continent of Messy has an interesting history to say the least, far different then any other land mass on earth. The area of the Pacific was empty until the Earthquake of 2079. On September 16th, 2079 the largest earthquake in recorded history, registering off of the rictor scale, struck the central Pacific. The force shoved a rectangular mass of land up out of the water in places up to 20,000 feet. Geologists were to say stunned. The earthquake caused tsunamis that devestated the Pacific coast of the Americas, Japan, Asia, Australia, India, and as far away as Africa. Waves reached miles inland in places killing millions. However the landmass, yet unnamed, was soon discovered by satillite imagery, setting off a landgrab not seen since the European colonization of Africa. The main nations in the race for the land were the super powers of the day, the United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China. The United States however reached the new landmass first with a naval expedition in October lead by Admiral Christopher Murphy Jr., son of former US President Christopher Murphy. Murphy and a group of Marines made the first steps onto the new land, which Murphy Jr, ever the comedian called Messy, as he said "because of its messy creation". This took place October 24th 2079.

  • Colonization

Messy was instantly claimed by the United States in whole despite international complaints. Also ignored were concerns from scientists who wanted to leave the area open for study. Conservative leaders in the United States immediatlely allowed settlers to head for Messy to releave pressure from massive population explosians in the 2030's and 2040's.

  • Independence
  • 22nd Century
  • 23rd Century
  • 24th Century
  • 25th Century
  • 26th Century
  • 27th Century
  • 28th Century
  • 29th Century




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