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The Socialist Sorelle-Capie'Tal Protectorate
Political Information
Type of Government
  • Military Republic (837-891MHE)
  • Advisory Republic (891-965MHE)
  • Socialist Advisory Republic (965MHE-Present)
  • North South Treaty (837MHE-887MHE)
  • Collective Higher Law (837MHE-Present)
Head of State

Oversight Officer

Head of Government

Oversight Officer

  • Internal Relations Officer (Internal Conflict)
  • External Relations Officer (External Defense)
Legislative Branch

The Panel of Advisors

Judicial Branch

Office of Judicial Review


12th Defense Division

Societal Information
Land Area

15,000 miles


Approx. 20 million



Official Language
  • Acrifor
  • English

Government Issued Bond

National Colors

Red and Yellow

National Animal

Parkis Rat

National Bird

Alcais Bird

National Flower

Zochis Bud

National Tree

Aleo Tree

National Motto

Ector U Ses Daem Setu Dor Clios, Da Septo U Capie Tal! (English: From a far away place we came, to find a paradise waiting!)

Date Format


Historical Information
Formed From

South Central Kingdom and Catric Principality of the former Capie'Tal Empire

Date of Establishment

837.67MHE (7NE)

Date of Reorganization
  • Civilian Reformation: 887.99MHE
  • Socialist Reorganization: 959.156MHE

Modern Historical

The Capie'Tal Protectorate is a small nation established in the Geralis Region. Known for its neutralist philosophy and its knowledgeable experience, the nation has become an influential force in the international community, gaining respect and support from its many allies.


Early Historical EraEdit

The earliest history of Capie'Tal is recorded on the Castine Pillar in the ancient city of Grand Capie'Tal. The pillar is the only account of the ancient history of the Capie'Tal Nations. The enscriptions on the pillar, written in the oldest known form of Acriform, tell of two ancient cities known as Castiana and Sahaul (believes to have existed sometime between 2000 BNE and 600 BNE). As the cities grew they begam to fuse into one and a power struggle quickly erruptedf between the prominate familes of each city. Soon the people of Castiana and Sahaul were caught up in a civil that raged for nearly a century. The end of the civil war saw the supporters of Sahaul in complete control of the city. After a brief period of peace, the supporters of Sahaul began to suspect that the supporters of Castiana were planning a resistance and in an attempt to consolidate their power once and for all, the prominate family of Sahaul commanded their militias to kill all those of Castiana decent. Before the plan could be carried out it was uncovered by the citizens of Castiana, and in a secrete evacuation many of them left the city, escaping into the forest. In a show of their apparent victory, the prominent family of Sahaul ordered the homes and buildings of Castiana to be burned. The fire quickly burned out of control and spread throughout the city, trapping the citizens of Sahaul. The blaze burned for days until the city was leveled to the ground. Those who survived, consisting mostly of those Castiana citizens who evacuated the city, came out of hiding to completely changed landscape. The survivors joined together, their differences left in the ashes of the city, and took to the sea to find a new homeland. After years of searching the people found what they called capie tal, meaning "paradise waiting" in acrifor. On this new land they founded a new city which they called Grand Capie'Tal.

Monarchical RuleEdit

As Grand Capie'Tal grew, the people realized that a leader was needed, and in a grand election a new monarch was formed. The Kirstal family was chosen as the first royal family, with Avin Kirstal as the first king. This new monarchy set up the first fully formed government the people of Capie'Tal had seen in over a generation and under its protection and rule the city grew and pospered.

Great Civil WarEdit

Military RepublicEdit

Civilian MovementEdit

Common EraEdit




Government and PoliticsEdit




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