The Republic of East Carolina is led by Prime Minister Shaun Gains. In this nation, only those who make large donations to the government are allowed the right to vote. Three ton computing systems are the crowning achievement of this country's technological advancements. Advancement in medical practices has produced efficient health care practices, but only the privileged can afford the rising costs.

Security is a growing concern, but the government has plans for a nation-wide community watch program. In times of conflict, this government utilizes its prison population and allows pardons for criminals willing to fight to keep the peace. Any citizen may practice any religion, but no public policy may be passed solely on the moral obligations of any one religion. Education in East Carolina is of great importance and vouchers are given to any student who cannot afford schooling.

Founded in 1976, by a group of secessionists in eastern parts of the the old United States, East Carolina is a productive member of the world comminty. Part of the New League of Nations, and its former President Lee Watts was General Commissioner of the Union of Free States for seven years.

Many citizens see a need to be eco-friendly and have started a coalition for the advancement of the 'tree hugger'. Free market has been defined by this government as individual businesses having the freedom to sell goods within the nation, and this government has promised many civil liberties, but conveniently have overly bureaucratic structures in place which ensure the untimely release of any social freedoms.

East Carolina has a uni-cameral legislature consisting of 117 members, 1 from every county. This body holds all legislative powers except the power to declare war, which is decided by a conference of the six state governors, whom are chosen by the President.

There is no income tax, there is a 19% national sales tax.

Shaun Gains has been Prime Minister since 1998.

Party S Leader
Social Republicans 69 Shaun Gains
Liberal Democrats 40 Katherine Watts
Libertarians 6 Ryan Menke
Unionists 2 Shella Marcus

The President is elected by the National Assembly on the suggestion of the Cabinet. The President is elected by a 3/4 majority requiring all the parties to come to an agreement on a candidate. This has caused the parties to always elect a candidate who is from one of the opposition parties (of 9 Presidents, 4 have been Unionists, which has never formed a government or even the Lead Oppsition). The President serves a term of 2 years and is eligible for re-election. The President presides at the Opening of the National Assembly, and is Commander in Chief if the Armed Forces, he appoints the Governors of the States, on the advice of the Cabinet.

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