The Protectors is an organisation of Brnoan aristocrats whose purpose is to protect the interests of the Brnoan nobility, in terms of power, influence, and finances. The Protectors was founded by a group of four nobles - Lord Wilhelm Farakarov, Major General Lord James Regev, Lady Hortensia Hollst and Sir John Welsley. Lord Wilhelm Farakarov was elected the first leader by the four. He stood down from this role after his coronation as King, to be replaced by Lady Hortensia Hollst. Since its foundation, the Protectors has grown greatly, and now contains almost half the members of the Brnoan nobility. However, since King Wilhelm's coronation, it has struggled to find a purpose, and it now appears the Protectors will begin to downsize until it reachs a size where it can protect the personal interests of all members in a society where the power of the nobility is confirmed.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Head of the Protectors: Lady Hortensia Edith Hollst of Holstbrno
  • King Wilhelm II the Protector, Lord of Vaalborg, Baron of Vinohrady, Duke of Kharus, Earl of Brnade
  • Major General Lord James Michael Regev
  • Lord Hubridas Hartlóva-Dunn
  • Lady Amaranth Georgina Paragon Beaufleur Oxymel of Carraghean
  • Lord Wilhelm Gorbavech IV of Hackerslev
  • Lord Frederick Farraway of Saviour, Baron of Blue Lake, Royal Steward
  • Dame Edna Greenman
  • Sir Gaius Crassus
  • Sir John Welsley

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