The Order of the Grey Knights
Political Information
Type of Government

Military State

Head of State

Grand Master Michael Swann

Societal Information


Official Language

High Gothic

State Religious Body

Adeptus Ministorum


Angels of Death

Historical Information
Formed From

The Imperium of Man

Date of Establishment



Age of Apostasy

The Order of the Grey Knights is a military order comprised of mighty Space Marines. Currently residing on Saturn's moon, Titan, the Grey Knights have won numerous campaigns both under previous Chapter Masters and their current Chapter Master, Grand Master Michael Swann.

In the Order's history, on numerous occasions the Order has repelled Daemon incursions that have been unspoken. Most notably was the First War of Armageddon, where a single Terminator company held back the last large-scale attack of Chaos warriors but with heavy losses. Captain Aurellion banished the Daemon Prince Angron back into the Warp for one hundred years. Altogether, a bodyguard of over a dozen powerful Bloodthirster daemons and countless other minor daemons of Khorne were destroyed by the Grey Knights. Only about a dozen Grey Knights survived the conflict, but the daemonic army was completely destroyed.

Most recently, The Grey Knights were present for the demise of the United Nations of Tyranny. Where the Order, fighting under their own banner helped ensnare member nations of the UNT after a hideous terrorist attack that completely destroyed a nation, badly maimed two others, and damaged one more.

Leaders of the Order have played a great role in Intergalactic Politics, holding positions in the United Nations, World Court of Nations, Iron Eagle Defense Works, and the United Imperian Directorate.

The Order's heraldry and tradition, even off the battlefield, is impressive. The Grey Knights hold a unique honour among the chapters of the Adeptus Astartes - in over ten thousand years of service, not a single one of their number has ever defected to Chaos. Their armour is also left mostly unpainted, leaving the silver-grey of the ceramite exposed. This tradition is thought to have originated from their desire to lead lives of absolute purity. Upon achieving the rank of Justicar one my display their personal heraldry on a shield on their shoulder. In contrast to this their armour is highly decorated, encrusted with protective symbols and engraved litanies.

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