The Offence of Kidtopia was a fairly minor engagement between several nation, centring around Kidtopia's revolution: children violently siezing power from adults, then selling them as slaves and threatening to execute them all.

Though all slaves/adults were evuntually released, and all future slaves/adults were guaranteed peaceful emigration to another nation, tensions remained high and fights broke out.

As seen Here: Nations were shocked and appalled by the abhorrent actions of the delinquents in question. Intervention was threatened, and many joined an unofficial coalition for invasion of Kidtopia.

Though the situation was brought to a cease-fire fairly quickly by San Alejandro's peace terms, diplomatic tensions remained high, and eventually, fighting resumed when Kidtopia refused to agree to San Alejandro's terms.

Orbitally launched projectiles from the fleet Xie had present at the time were intercepted by The Amicus, who was trying to defened Kidtopia after it had disbanded its slave-trading and granted the adults and exiles freedom.

Original Peace Terms

The original terms of ceasefire as proposed by the SPQA Senate of San Alejandro were as follows:

1) The slaves be granted freedom, free of any charge or payment.

-1a) If the slaves have already been sold, Kidtopia returns or destroys the money.

2) The kids be allowed to continue their rule.

3) The attack is called off.

4) San Alejandro will give the children a one-time large supply drop of humanitarian aid (no money, but food, water, and medical supplies).

The proposal was met with praise from many of the coalition states, but with hostility (especially in point 1) from Messy, Glindor, and The Amicus.


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