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Prototype Jedi insignia
The Jedi Order (TJO)
Organizational information
Title of leader

Grand Master, Speakers of Council

Governing body
  • Jedi High Council
  • Full Assembly
  • Faction Legislature (Faction only)
  • National Jedi Councils
Other positions
  • Grand Master of the Order
  • Speakers of the Order
  • Sith Council Advisory Seat
  • Chief Healer
  • Jedi Guardian
  • Ambasadors, Shadows, Generals,
  • Peacekeepers and Instructors
  • Faction Legislatures, Seers
  • Master, Knight, Initiate/Padawan
  • Lay Jedi & Friends of the Order
  • Main Order
  • Faction of Jedi Nations

Multiple Force Traditions


Jedi Autonomous Region (Europe)

Holy text(s)

Jedi Code


Force & other manifestations

Notable locations/temples


  • Jedi Convocation
  • High Council Initiation
  • May the Fourth be with you
Historical information
Date of founding

20 BNE

Planet of founding

The Milky Way Galaxy


Grand Master Ky'rinn Con'rathan

Other information

The Jedi Order, often referred to as the Unified Jedi Order or simply as the Jedi, was an organization made up of Force sensitive beings formed from various scattered Jedi groups. A conglamoration of scattered Jedi groups from across Earth and the galaxy, the Jedi Order was formed in 20 BNE by then Supreme Overlord Ky'rinn Con'rathan. The Jedi Order endured as a prominent organization until 310 NE with the conclusion of the Jedi Rebellion and the destruction of its temple on Earth.

The Jedi Order as a whole was made up of many sub-groups or temples and even Jedi groups that joined after its formation, such as the Confederate Jedi Order. The organization was run by a Jedi High Council made up of five lifetime members, four long term seats, three short term seats, and a lifetime Sith seat reserved for a Sith envoy, such as Darth Taral. Lifetime members were elected by the Council itself from members who had served more than a single term in the High Council. Long term members served sixth month terms and were elected by the general membership, while short term members served four month terms and were likewise elected by the general membership.

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