"A massive fleet, trillions strong rushes forth from the recesses beyond the galactic border. Each ship seems to be a haphazard display, bristling with unknown weaponry. The sheer size and profile of the fleet deems it to be nothing less than an invasion fleet bent on the destruction of every sentient species in the galaxy. Come, Heroes of the Galaxy. Help push back this menace...or aid them on their path of destruction and doom. "
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The Iyi of Gurnnuzl

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January 30, 2010


April 11, 2010




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The Iyi Incident was an event wherein a massive, extra-galactic invasion fleet was detected by multiple nations, who formed a coalition in an attempt to fend off the invaders and defend the galaxy.

During the first meeting of the coalition, the Iyi were revealed to be ancient enemies of the highly advanced species that laid the foundation for Evermistian civilization before ascending millions of years ago.

The Iyi, being almost as technologically superior as these ascended aliens, would destroy the coalition's forces in a conventional battle, so a new plan was thought up. There was to be a quest undertaken that would gather the up still-functioning weapons of the ascended race that were scattered across the galaxy.

But the Iyi knew of these weapons, and the coalition's heroes had to fist pass a trial in one of Evermist's sacred temples to gain the location of these weapons, so the plan was foiled by the Iyi moving too quickly.

Fortunately, the ascended race had planned for such an event, and the trials themselves endowed the heroes with the mysterious powers they would need to activate the ultimate defence against the Iyi, the co-ordinate of which they received at the end of the trials.

With their skills, wits and the powers they had gained from the trails, the heroes were able to overcome their the hardships that faced them and activate the ultimate weapon, defeating the Iyi and saving the galaxy.

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