&nbsp The Infinite Empire is a nation centred around the Planet Lehon, in the Corellian Sector, founded by the descendants of a crashed survey team, who came to inhabit the the lands and dwellings formerly occupied by the ancient Rakata (often referred to as the Builders.) The nation maintains strong ties to it's near neighbour, New Borduria, while maintaining it's status a relatively new, but committed member of the Galactic Empire. The Nation is currently small, but expanding fast.


When an unknown survey team encountered an Ion storm in an uincharted sytem, they were forced to crash land on Lehon, and the survey team was presumed dead. Eventually, the survivors managed to build a civilization that was capable of sustaining itself and protecting itself from the vicious preadators and fierce tidal forces caused by it's large moon. Inhabiting the cities and dwellings of The Rakata, an ancient civilization that died out due to accidental self inflicted genetic damage, they began to call themselves the Rakata, out of respect for those that created the structures they called home.

Association with the EmpireEdit

After an Imperial Survey ship discovered the colony, as well as the plentiful supply of ore rich asteroids in the Lehon system, The Infinite Empire was offered full citizenship into the Galactic Empire, allowing it to flourish and be a part of the Interstellar community. Lehon committed a full 50% of it's troops to Imperial defense, 5 times the minimum number required by Imperial Law.

The Leader of the Infinite Empire was recently awarded an admiralty in the Imperial Marines Corps, and has resolved to do everything in his power to strengthen his nations ties to the Empire, percieving it as a great oppurtunity to bring his Nation into a stronger, safer position.

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