The Imperium & City-State of Agua del Feugo exists on multiple timelines. At times it is an insular mountain bastion. Other times it has consumed much of Terra or broken into the local stellar sectors. More often it can be found residing in the area of the Milky Way Galaxy as the Maelstorm or the Sea of Storms A significant presence can still usually be found in Bhutan in the Eurasian landmass, Copernicus on Luna, and Ceres in the Inner Sol System. Each itineration of Agua del Feugo has differing history and culture. The Prime Line from which much of the history can be found operates on the satellite timelines on the basis of common fluid time. There are several epochal tiers that are standard AdF operations punctuated by three transcendant singularity events: Pre-industrial, Industrial, Atomic-Information, 1st Singularity, Early Sol, Orion Spur, 2nd Singularity, Galactic, Galactic Cluster Neighborhood, 3rd Singularity, Final Trancendence.

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