Typical xenomorph drone and ultimate target of The Hunt

The Hunt is a millennia-old Yautja tradition wherein an adolescent male is tasked with hunting down and killing a dangerous creature called a xenomorph. It is not until the young warrior returns with proof of the kill, most times the skull of the beast or a mark burnt into his own flesh with the acidic blood of the xenomorph, that he is considered "Blooded" and fit to join Yautja's warrior/hunter-based society.

Though the Yautja keep mostly to themselves, there have been occasions wherein they allowed non-Yautja to join their society. These outsiders were often Humans who had either managed to kill a Yautja in combat or had fought beside a Yautja warrior against a common enemy.

The first known Human to officially participate in a traditional Yautja Hunt was Raxus Walker. He was given this task by his Sith Master, Yautja Sith Lord Darth Yaegar. Lord Yaegar told him that he would never be granted the rank of Sith Lord until he passed this final test. Young Raxus did, in fact, succeed on his Hunt and was granted the dual honors of Sith Lordship and Yautja social acceptance. As far as the warrior race is concerned, anyone who successfully completes the Hunt is deemed worthy of their respect and is treated as an equal amongst them.

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