The Hidden
The Hidden Order
General Information
Organization Type

Force Order


Isobelle Glover


High Priestess of Corelaari

Notable Members

High Temple of Rao



Historical Information
Formed From

12 NE


15 NE

Other Information


The Hidden were a Force Order that existed on Corelaari under the High Priestess at the time. It was formed shortly after the foundation of Isobelle Glover's reformation of Corelaari. Although it is not clear exactly what the true intentions of the Hidden have been, they have been allies of the Imperial Order of the Sith since their inception.

The MantraEdit

"''The be the Hidden one must be the shadow of the mind.
To understand the Hidden one must understand death.
To see the Hidden one must live without sight.
To know the Hidden is to know yourself.''"
―The Mantra of the Hidden

The Mantra of the Hidden was established in 15 NE at the formal foundation of the Hidden Order. The Mantra was unlike the Jedi Code in that it did not give moral guidelines on how one of the Hidden should act. The Mantra is closer to the Sith code in this respect. It showed the mental discipline and complexity that the Hidden strove to emulate.

The Mantra can also be seen as a way of trying to understand what the Hidden were. Over the years people have tried to understand the true nature of the Hidden and the Mantra was the only insight into what the Hidden might truly be.


Imbuing the HiddenEdit

Although the Hidden are described as a Force Order, the title is not entirely accurate. Most of the practitioners of the Hidden are not Force Sensative when they join the Order. Through a secretive practice, the Hidden are pierced with an iron
Hidden Piercing

Piercing through the eye.

spike directly through the eye. This spike is imbued with a dark sorcery that gives the Hidden power to use the Force in the most unconventional way. The process to place the spikes (which are placed in both eyes) is described as messy.

The spike is made from metals created through a dark ritual. The spike is left to set for exactly thirteen days before it is hammered through the heart of a victim. As blood pours over the spike, the very essense and power of the person is imbued into the metal spike.

Then the spike is withdrawn from the victim, and the body is disposed of. The spike is then hammered through the eye of the Hidden Follower. Each individual spike must be done through this method.

This practice has been kept top secret between the Hidden and the High Priestess of Corelaari. Nobody other than than those that have had the piercing and the High Priestess know of the process.

Weapon HandlingEdit

The weapon of the Hidden resembles a lightsaber in its hilt. There is a red beam of dangerous light that emanates from the handle with what looks like Force Lightning pulsating from the main blade.
Headless Monks

Hidden Saber's in action

This creates a somewhat wavy look about the blade. This blade is capable of deflecting normal lightsabers and energy weapons.

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