The Dark Tower
General information

c. 5,000 BNE


The Shadow Lands, Mitgarth


unnamed Dark Lord

Physical specifications

1,500 meters


Dark Lords of the Bogan

The Dark Tower was an immense structure nearly 1,500 meters tall built in the shadow of Mount Angmor in the Shadow Lands. Constructed of dense black stone, it was capable of withstanding the continuous earthquakes that came with being so close to an active volcano. Atop the enormous tower was what appeared to be an eye made of living flame. It was, in fact, a manifestation of the Dark Side, or Bogan, and served to frighten and intimidate. The reigning Dark Lord is capable of tapping into this "eye" and greatly increasing the range of his senses. Through it he may also send messages to each Dark Lord through the Bogan, usually for the purpose of convening them for war or some similar purpose requiring the attention of every Lord of Darkness in the Shadow Lands.

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