The Chris EmpireEdit

Official Language: English

Other Languages: Tanglish, Spanish

Capital: Lincoln DX

Government: Constitutional Monarchy (but the King has power)

Currency: Chris Empire Dollar

Official Religion: Catholic

Official Unit of Measure: Metric System

Chris Empire Citizens are called Christio Citizen

YORK-FAMILY-CREST-YORK-COAT-OF-ARMS-jpg-qpps 196192156048933.LG

Crest of the Chris Empire

More Information

Official Animal: Hamster

Official Plant: Coca bean Tree

Official Insect: Pray Mantis

Official Bird: Emperor Penguin

Official Flower: Sunflower

Official Tree: Pine Tree

Government of the Chris EmpireEdit

Branches of Government

Leader Branch: King, Queen, President, Premier, 1st Lady, the Bishop

Fighting Branch: Army, Navy, Air Force, Other Forces

Government Branch: Judges, Senate, Alliance of Representatives

Helping Branch: Fire Fighters, Hospitals, Police Officers

Normal Branch: Everybody Else

Leader Branch

Permanent King: King Chris

Premier: elected by the King, Bishop, and President

Princess: married to Premier

President: elected by the people, 1st Lady, Vice President

Chris Empire Bishop: decided by the Pope of The Christendom Empire

Other Religious Leaders

Necklaces for Premier

Religion Necklace-[Religion in the Chris Empire]

Money Necklace-[Money in the Chris Empire]

Order Necklace-[Order Everywhere]

International Necklace-[International Relations Everywhere]

The Great Necklace-[Can only be switched with another crown, if Premier does something Great]

Fighting Branch

Army: Chris Empire Army

Air Force: Chris Empire Air Force

Navy: National C Navy

Chris Empire Special Forces

1. Secret Service-Protects any important leader

2. The Chris Club-Serves under the Galactic Police Force and King Chris

3. Navy-Penguins Team

4. Air Force-Eagles Team

5. Army-Royal Blue Army

6. Team Platypus-Special Ops, Jack of all Trades

Government Branch

Senate: 40% of people, Alliance of Representatives: 60% of people, Judges: 7 people

The Supreme Judges of the Chris Empire

Changes during each of the new Premier and President

T King nominates 4 Judges

President nominates 3 Judges

Political Parties of the Chris Empire

1. Chris Party-Chris’s Family Members

2. War Party-War Veterans, Armed Forces officials

3. Monarchy Party-favors one representative than many representatives

4. Religious Party-favors religious tolerance, Deacons, Ministers of a Church

5. Republican Party

6. Democrat Party

7. Independent Party

Advisors of the Chris Empire

Advisor of the Empire

Advisor of the Treasury

Advisor of Defense

Advisor of Education

Advisor of Labor

Advisor of the Law

Advisor of Health

Advisor of the Environment

Advisor of Senior Citizens

Advisor of the Public

Advisor of Education

Advisor of Nuclear Testing

The Chris Empire Flag

The official flag of the Chris Empire.


Armed Forces of the Chris EmpireEdit

1.The Secret Service 2.The Chris Club 3.Chris Empire Army 4.Chris Empire Air Force 4.Chris Empire Navy 5.Team Penguin (Special Ops)

Holidays of the Chris EmpireEdit

Holidays: October (Birth of our Leader), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Veteran's Day, Halloween, Authoritative Day

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