Tessa Halvern
Tessa Halvern
Physical Description




Hair Color


Chronological and Political Information

New Empire

  • Lieutenant (Imperial Navy)
  • Fleet Commander (Organization Navy)
Family Information
Elder Siblings

Delia Halvern

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles
  • Naval training
  • Basic military training
Miscellaneous Information

Standard issue sidearm

Tessa Halvern was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy before becoming disillusioned with the Empire and defecting to The Organization, where she attained the rank of Fleet Commander. She commanded the Organization fleet that attacked Earth on the orders of Lord Karnage from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Harbinger. After nearly half an hour of holding Earth's considerable defenses at bay and losing most of her fleet, she issued an unconditional surrender and was subsequently taken into custody. Her whereabouts are unknown but it is likely that she is in prison for her part in the attack on Earth and for her overall involvement in a confirmed terrorist organization.

She is the younger sister of Imperial diplomat Delia Halvern, who was chosen to take part in the Imperial survey of the Unknown Regions. As the survey lasted over seven years and began in 4 NE, she was unaware of Tessa's actions in 9 NE until her return to Imperial space sometime in 12 NE.

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