Temple of the Inner Sanctum
Temple of the Inner Sanctum
General information

549 NE




Valch Urabine

Physical specifications

100 meters

"... And I thus name this temple, the Temple of the Inner Sanctum."
―Leading Sith Seer Valch Urabine.

The Temple of the Inner Sanctum, also known as the Seer Temple, was built by the Imperial Order of the Sith in 549 NE, as a place for the Seer's to see into the Force without the distraction of the other Sith. Built on the Force active planet of Al'Sura. The planet was discovered during the Galactic Unification era and was found to be high in Dark Side Energies.

After the Temple's construction, the Seer's moved in permanently, creating their own training facilities within the Temple proper. The actual planet was fairly bare, because of the Dark Side radiation on the planet. The native creatures of the planet are fairly vicious, warped by the energies. Sith Apprentice's and Dark Knight's of the Imperial Order of the Sith were often taken to the planet in order to track and kill the creature's as part of their training or assessment.

The Seer Temple is often described as dark and mysterious, even by other Sith. However the Seer's were often described as strange and loopy.

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