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Fem Spy 1
Teela Marik
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

16 BNE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color
  • Grey
  • Caucasian
Chronological and Political Information




Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Precise Striking CQC


The Force

  • Galactic Basic
  • Refined Sith'ari
Other Skills
  • Espionage
  • Computer Slicing
  • Marksmanship
  • Seduction
  • Basic Mechanics
Miscellaneous Information
  • Lightsabre (red)
  • Sonic Disruptor Pistol

A qualified practitioner of the Dark Side of the Force, expert slicer, marksman and professional minx, as she was not unattractive, Teela was a model agent, well on her way to a successful career in ISIS.

She is 28 as of 12 NE.

Teela had had a deep appreciation for the arts since she was a child, and very little tolerance for those who would insult the art and artists she liked out of ignorance, lack of appreciation or a lack of understanding.

A Night at the Opera

Teela recieved a V.I.P ticket to an opera, completely out of nowhere, one day. It was to a show called The Return of the King of Stars and it was showing on Earth, in Greece. Deciding that she would go see the show and could use a vacation anyway, Teela took a few days off and headed for the Sol system. Although she arrived a few minutes late, she was still in time to secure a good seat for herself and wait for the show to start. Before the show could start, however, a katasian named Martol Bamler, of the Ryk Intelligence Korp stood and spoke to her and the other occupants of the section of a grave threat to ImperiusX and other nations.

While Martol Bamler explained that the opera she and the others were supposed to be seeing allegedly had some hypnotizing/indoctrination powers, and they they would be shielded from the shows sounds as a result, Teela used her expertise in the Force to try and probe the minds of those around her. She quickly found out, however, that these people were not ordinary civilians, and that they all had enough mental defences to repel her psychic wanderings.

Although initially disappointed by her lack of vital information, she was soon distracted by the comments of a teenager named Joseph, who stated his distaste for opera. Teela was angered and snapped at him for his ignorance. At about that time, Dr. William Angus' hunchbacked assistant Harry decided it would be a good idea to peek under Teela's dress. Further angered, she began to implode his lungs, hoping to teach him a lesson about the effects of peek at her nether regions.

This, however, prompted the vulpinaen technician that was shielding them from the noise to point his weapon at her, having incorrectly guessed that she intended to kill Harry. Martol reminded the group that violence would produce no positive results while they were in the Ryk Intelligence Korp's jurisdiction, and demanded Harry come out from under Teela. Despite having a gun in her face, she quietly argued that she was the victim in this situation, and that there was no reason to point the weapon at her, because she had never intended to kill the hunchback.

When Harry did come out, he was bashed and berated by Dr. Angus, who subsequently apologized to Teela for his behaviour. As did Vanessa, his genetically enhanced operative of a wife.

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