Darth Kaled

Karrab IV



Average height

average between 1.8 and 2.2 meters

Skin color


  • Yellow (very rare)
Hair color

Brown, black

Eye color


  • Facial tendrils
  • 4-toed feet
Average lifespan

average up to 180 Standard years

Famous members

The Tavi'i are a humanoid species native to Karrab IV. They were discovered during the initial survey of the Unknown Regions, though they remained a rare sight in the Empire until the Jedi Rebellion when Tavi'i Sith Lord Darth Kaled, trained by a similarly rare T'odessi Sith Lord, rose to prominence as a Sith General.

Tavi'i appear very similar to baseline Humans and are even physically and genetically compatible. They do differ in a few obvious ways, however: Tavi'i have red skin of varying shades, ranging from an almost pinkish hue to a deep blood red. On very rare occasions, Tavi'i with muted yellow skin are born. These are comparable to albinos in other species.

In addition to their skin color, Tavi'i posses a number of other features not found in Humans, such as facial tendrils which hand down from either cheek, sometimes reaching below the chin. They also have only four toes on each foot.

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