Tara Zant
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Nomadic/Unknown Planet, Galaxy's Edge

Place of Birth

Unknown/Uncharted World, Uncontrolled Space.

Date of Birth

974 NE

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Blue



Chronological and Political Information

Millennial era


Jedi Remnant


Jedi Knight

Family Information
Twin Siblings

Meera Zant

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Shien/Djem So


The Light Side of The Force


Galactic Basic

Miscellaneous Information

Lightsabre (blue)

Tara Zant was a young Jedi Guardian, 26 as of the Galactic Empire's Millennial Celebration, and one of a dying few fugitive Jedi running from the Empire's Sith. With her sister, Meera Zant -- and initially with the rest of her family, too -- she hid from the Empire for as long as she could. One day, however, a Sith Lord, hunting Jedi, found the Zant family and tried to exterminate them. Tara's parents sacrificed themselves so their children could escape.

Tara was 13 years old when he parents were killed and she was orphaned. She never forgave the Sith and the Empire for what they did to her, and despite trying her hardest to remain a staunch Jedi, she was often prone to outbursts of anger, and harboured a deep hatred for the Empire and its Sith. Her denial of this hatred's existence only worsened its effect on her...

Tara was very close to her sister, especially after their parents died. She often feared that, if anything were to happen to Meera, there would be nothing to stop her fall to the Dark Side.

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