Tali Zora
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth

ImperiusX, space

Physical Description




Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information



The Galactic Empire


Scientist - Xenobiologist: ISRD

Family Information

Vilain Thance (widowed)

Skills and Abilities


Other Skills
  • Adept with blaster pistol
  • Skilled scientist
Miscellaneous Information

Blaster pistol

Hailing from ImperiusX, Tali Zora was a spacer for most of her life, having only become sedentary in late 1NE. A xenobiologist, someone who studies and theorizes about newly discovered lifeforms, she began her career in early 2NE and quickly showed exceptional skill. While working for the Imperial Science & Research Department, she was one of few to study the Empire's captured Xenomorphs. Having been confined to a lab of some sort for most of her career, she was eager for field work, but was ultimately naive to the dangers.

A typically optimistic individual, she could sometimes be rather timid, and tended to avoid conflict. She was also, generally, very empathetic.

Tali was on the mission into the Unknown Regions led by Ganor Vey in 4NE.


Straight, dark blond hair reaches down a little short of her midsection, and she was usually well groomed. She preferred her hair shorter.

Average height, maybe a bit short. Healthy weight, green eyes, decent figure, late twenties.

Personal History

Tali's childhood is rather uneventful, being well taken care of by her 'somewhat protective' parents. She did, however, receive a rather painful spider bite when she was little, and never really got over that. While going through ImperiusX's equivalent to High School, she got her first steady boyfriend, Vilain Thance. They remained a couple, even after graduating. He was intent on joining the Imperial military, being in the TIE Pilots or Stormtrooper Core, despite how much she worried about the dangers of such a career. Still, they spent a lot of time together, and he showed her a few blaster 'tricks' he picked up. As it turned out, she was a natural with a blaster pistol, despite her being mostly a pacifist Years later, once they had both graduated from the Imperial Academy, he purposed to her and they were set to get married. Unfortunately, the Killik War erupted and he was called into service as a TIE Pilot. Vilain was killed during Operation Hammer Down. Tali took steps to help her get over her fiance's death, and was now optimistic about the future and her own career a few years later. She never really stopped grieving entirely, though.

Into The Unknown


Tali had exceptional skill in xenobiology, and was a great shot with a standard Imperial baster pistol. She also had Arachnophobia, usually resulting in panicked screaming and trying to get as far from the spider as possible, or panicked screaming and killing the thing with the nearest object suitable for spider-smashing.

Emotional Baggage

Tali was still very bitter towards Killiks because of Vil's death, ever bordering on outright racism. Though, she tried very hard to keep this fact to herself. She was also very lonely, and misseed her fiance more than she would admit, even to herself. This caused her to be emotionally fragile and deeply dependent in relationships.

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