A Stonewall Federation Trooper with an SDC-5 Blaster Rifle.

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The Stonewall Federation Trooper was a new class designation in the Stonewall Federation Army to replace older classes that were determined outdated after the Second Confederate War.

Standard Stonewall Federation Trooper

In the wake of the formation of the Stonewall Federation, a new troop class was designated in the Stonewall Federation Army. The Stonewall Federation Trooper was the new designation,which took the place of the Stonewall Trooper under the Stonewall Independent Republic. The armor was very similar between the two classes, however the Stonewall Federation Trooper armor was designed to be tougher and easier to wear and use in combat. The SFT also wore helmets to protect their heads, as seen to the right in the trooper's hand. With the conclusion of the Second Confederate War, new weapons were designed for the Army. The SDC-5 Blaster Rifle was the standard selected for Stonewall Federation Troopers after the Second Confederate War. The war had shown there were major weaknesses in the Stonewall Trooper and the Stonewall Independent Republic's military hardware.

Heavy Stonewall Federation Trooper


The Heavy Stonewall Federation Trooper was a variant of the Stonewall Federation Trooper, except the class had much heavier armor where it could stand up to more and heavier fire. The HSFT is typically used as anti-tank infantry and is equipped with a GE-1775 Heavy Blaster Canon.

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