Sorea Government

Seat of the Emperor during the Holy Sorean Imperial Era, and a favored meeting place of the High Councilers to safeguard the destines of the League Worlds

The Sorean High Council was one of the chief governing bodies of the Sorean League, and one its more stable institutions, surviving well into the Restoration Era. As a result, more is known about it than many other elements of the Sorean Constitution which are now lost to us. Typically consisting of the largest and most trusted superpowers within the League worlds, the High Council would serve as an inspiration for the Guardian Superpowers in the Paraguayan Dominiorate's much looser and less idealistic Amazonian Continental Sovreignty and Defense Pact. 

Structure and PurposeEdit

Surviving records attest that the High Council consisted of roughly 3-4 nations at any time, who served as a sort of Security Council and governing body for the Sorean Chancellor. In the Restoration Era they also took on the role of a Judiciary, but it is unclear if such a body existed in the original Constitution. The Chancellor's role, while the symbolic leader and spokesperson of the League rather frequently deferred to the Council on many matters, although he had the power to appoint them. The earliest High Council members were the ACCR, Nouvelle France, and a third power lost to the mists of history which Paraguay seems to have replaced when the Dominiorate was invited to become more involved in Sorean leadership and Security. The High Council's perhaps most influential power was its ability to determine whether a member qualified for defense, and their leaders frequently served as Field Generals in various campaigns, such as the Itlantia-Zlost War.

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