"Crush them! Make them suffer!"

- General Lawrence, after a rebel shot down his shuttle carrying him from an Imperial military meeting to his homeworld of Credania.

General Nathan Lawrence is the national leader of the Socialist Republic of Credania, supreme leader of the Credanian Military, and is also a member of the 257 nation-wide Galactic Empire. He represents his nation as well as all that they do, and reports to the leaders of the Galactic Empire.

People's Republic of Credania

Credania's very popular flag, which represents the blood and bravery of Lawrence's lost comrades. The top symbol stands for 'Confederate State' and the stencil stands for the General himself.

History of CredaniaEdit

Credania's history is somewhat known to the world, and to the other inter-galactic nations of the universe.

It begins in the 2020s, when a worldwide inflation caused by the American dollar crashing, as well as massive recalls in China and Europe, causes the world to enter a period of civil unrest.

In 2022, war broke out between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, soon involving the other Central American nations. After about two and a half years, the civil population in the U.S had grown anxious and pretensious. By 2026, the Americans had begun to fight each other, entering another civil war (one side of which was led by Nathan Fater). At the same time, the people in the Central American nations were also becoming less united, and more split down the middle. The Communists, a new political party arriving from Venezuela and the old Chinese Communist Party, attacked Christians, the majority of the population. A civil war stared, and General Lawrence came out victorious over the Communists, leading Credania towards Christianity. The future general did many things to establish a government in Central America.

Republic of Credania (Civil War)

The flag of Credania during the Credanian Civil War. The flag represents the Communists and the Christians, whom of which fought each other viciously during the war. In the end, the general managed to unite the population and lead the nation towards a Christian culture.

Nathan Lawrence targeted the Unionists in America as well as Canada's ignorant laws to unite the Mexicans, Costa Ricans, and Venezuelans under his cause. When his cause was strong enough, he targeted terrorist bases throughout the peninsula, as well as any specific national bases or outposts not heeding to his fist of iron. The military was growing at a rate of 20,000 men a week; the man soon controlled from Mexico City to the Mexican-American border, and as far south as Costa Rica. In the year 2029, Nathan Fater won the war in the American homeland, and soon two seperate states were created. The Confederate States of America and the United States of America. In another half a year, PAC (Post-Armed Counties) was established in place of the north-eastern states and Canada. The world had changed greatly in 10 years, and many more wars were fought.

Nathan gathered together any robotics organizations and corporations to build him an army of battle droids and battle drones. The organizations and corporations readily accepted, and soon the United Corporation of Credania was established. Nathan also sent out an invitation to the CSA to improve relations and become better allies. The CSA leader, Mr. Fater, readily accepted, and both leaders agreed on the shared control over Northern Mexico.

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