The Sith Trooper was the main bulk of the Sith armies in the wars against the Jedi and the Republic of the Old Galaxy. They tended to be Human males, though females and aliens were not unheard of. They served the Dark Lords unwaveringly and were always a bringer of great fear in their enemies.


Typical Sith Trooper in full-body armor

Dressed in full-body armor, Sith Troopers were seen as terrifyingly uniform, their helmets were devoid of any recognizable facial features. Many times, the fear they instilled in their enemies was enough to give them the edge in battle.

Though the Sith Troopers were under the ultimate command of the Dark Lords, their immediate superiors were the Legion Commanders, Force-trained soldiers who led legions of one thousand troops apiece.

A very large portion of Lord Adas' Sith fleet was comprised of Sith Troopers. As a result, nearly every citizen of Korribanos is descended from these soldiers.

It was revealed in 14 NE that a full army of ten thousand Sith Troopers had been frozen in carbonite since approximately ten years after the founding of Korribanos. These troops are under the direct command of Darth Azeroth and Darth Aeris.

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