Sith Legion Commanders were Force-sensitive soldiers trained by the Dark Lords in the ways of the Dark Side. Generally they were more powerful than the average citizen but deemed too weak to join the ranks of the Dark Lords themselves, though there have been occasions that saw a Legion Commander attain the rank of Dark Lord.

These elite soldiers commanded legions of one thousand Sith Troopers and answered only to their Dark Lord superiors.

Sith Legion commander

Sith Legion Commander in full-body armor

Upon colonizing Korribanos, there were well over a thousand Legion Commanders serving under the leadership of Lord Adas. As a result, they contributed a great deal of Force-sensitivity into the gene pool and in the current Korribanosian population, Force-sensitivity is more commonplace than on most comparable worlds.

Legion Commanders wore specialized armor to set themselves apart from the ordinary Sith Trooper. Like the Sith Trooper, they wore full-body battle armor, though of a much sleeker design. Instead of a flat black finish, their armor was given a high-gloss bare metal look. Their helmets vaguely resembled a cowled face hidden in shadow. Like the Sith Troopers, this lack of facial features on the helmet was designed to intimidate and inspire fear in their enemies.

In 14 NE, Azeroth's Carbonite Sith Army was awakened, which included ten thousand Sith Troopers and ten Legion Commanders frozen in carbonite for four thousand years beneath Korribanos' north pole.

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