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Upon each student’s completion of basic education, they will be tested and, should they pass, apprenticed to a Master for further training. An Apprentice should have basic knowledge of the Sith teachings as well as proficient control over the core Force powers that all Force-users, Sith and Jedi alike, are required to comprehend. As an Apprentice, each student should expect to be sent on errands by their Masters that are meant to test their abilities. During apprenticeship, each student will be presented with a lightsaber and will begin saber training. Once their Master has deemed them ready, the Apprentice will then be tasked with constructing their own lightsaber. This is the final test of an Apprentice and failure to succeed will cost the student promotion to the next rank. Promotion requires the construction of a functioning lightsaber. Only then are their skills advanced enough to proceed.

The next rank is Dark Knight

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