Organizational information
Title of leader

The Ruling Sith Lord/Lady of ImperiusX


Imperius Central

Official language(s)

Refined Sith'ari

  • Adept Recognition
  • Graduation
  • Proof of Mastery
Historical information
Date of founding

~3 BNE

Planet of founding



Darth Salisk

Other information
Notable members

The State Religion of ImperiusX as of its founding, Sith-Imperialism is a heavily modified branch off of the original "Way of the Sith". It should be noted, however, that despite the the name and the assumptions of most citizens, the state religion most commonly produces Dark Side Adepts, rather than true Sith.

The state religion reigns because the vast majority of the native population is Force Sensitive, and the government-run temples are the only place to receive effective instruction on how to utilize one's gift of sensitivity.

"Sith-Imperialism" preaches the utilization of one’s emotions for the achievement of goals, it teaches its followers how to contain, command and reserve their anger, passion and other emotions so that they may be summoned when needed. However, it also teaches followers to stop and think before they act; preaching logical, rational, careful thought in its philosophy. Most notably, however, it also preaches an absolute loyalty to the state and, by extension, to the monarchy.

Those who devote their time to the religion can learn basic Force and Lightsabre techniques at temples, and those who continue their devotion past basic training and show significant improvement can learn more advanced techniques, and may eventually become Sith Masters.

Sith-Imperialism worships no deities, but venerates the Unifying Force, the Dark Side, and the Ruling Sith Lord/Lady.

As it is the state religion, there are Sith-Imperialism temples all throughout ImperiusX.


  • Also known an "Imperius Sith" for non-Imperri.
  • Pain-resistance training is an important part of an Imperri-Sith's training.
    • All Imperri-Sith must be able to function in and withstand a certain degree of pain to achieve the rank they are working towards.
  • Most are trained to relish combat while fighting.
  • Juyo, Djem So and Niman are the most commonly taught forms.
  • "Sith tattoos" are highly common for those who devote themselves to the State Religion.
  • Apprentices may not claim the title of "Darth" until they have become a Master.
  • Training sabres are used for sparring.
  • Sith Adepts are those who have attained the necessary basic knowledge. This is the most common class among the citizenship.
  • Sith Graduates are those who have matched their teachers in skill, but are not necessarily masters.
    • Graduates are the teachers for the general population.
  • Sith Masters have mastered the ways of the Dark Side, as it is taught in ImperiusX, and are highly prestigious individuals.
    • "Sith Sabres", or Knights, could arguably qualify as Masters, despite most achieving the rank at a young age.

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