Sigurd Van Bluss (20 Februar 1990- ), is a Nova Prussian general, and was the commander of the Nova Prussian Schützentruppen stationated in Puro Pan Republik.

Van Bluss was behind the first operations in Kuchenburg area without a clear goal, that rigged the Month of Fury and a PPP terrorist campaign against Nova Prussia -and in that way, giving had least an excuse, and a goal to the Nova Prussian mission in the Nebel Region.

After that, he entered in contact with the autonymous government created by the son of Tobias Hellwig during the Puro Pan Anarchy, the RAS, Republican Army of the South, to face the Wentviska Denethier and Krakavian forces.

He almost triggered a war between Nova Prussia-Arvenia, due the strange situation in the territories controlled under Tobias II Hellwig, but they where finally to avoid the war.

He was behind the idea -and realization- of the Dremen super port, and during the Wentviska War he commanded the Nova Prussian schützentruppen in the Kryngrad-Vlodia Offensive.

He married a Puropanian woman, Marika von Hellau, and adopt her children.

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