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Shin-Ra Electric Power Company
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President Rufus Shinra


Kira's Kingdom

Major products
Chronological and political information

30 BNE


The Shin-Ra Electric Power Company is a mid-sized corporation operating in Kira's Kingdom. Although its main area of business is in electric generation through the use of its patented Mako Reactors, the company supports this revenue through various other products.


Founded in 30 BNE as an arms manufacturer under the name Shin-Ra Manufacturing Works, the company would be tranformed when, in 27 BNE, company staff visiting Centra to explore potential business with early settlers of the dangerous planet stumbled across an ancient Centran ruin and discovered functional Centran Magitech inside. Seizing upon this opportunity, Shin-Ra sent additional exploration teams to the planet and began efforts to reverse-engineer the technology, unkowingly working parallel to government researchers.

By 23 BNE, Shin-Ra scientists had discovered a method of generating electric through the use of Centran technology, utilizing specialized machinery to gather and refine Astral Energy into electric power. This method allowed for extreemely low-cost electric generation, and triggered Shin-Ra's transforamtion into a power company.

Aided by their ability to efficiently gather Astral Energy, Shin-Ra discovered many other uses for it over the following years.

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