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Shadow Guard
General Information

Galactic Emperor

Notable Members


Historical Information
Formed From

Order of Imperial Knights


c. 10 NE

Other Information

New Empire


Galactic Empire

The Shadow Guard are highly skilled Force users is service to the Galactic Empire who are charged with the protection of the Emperor. They were formed from an elite group of Imperial Knights in the wake of the 9 NE attack on the Imperial capital by Lord Karnage.


The Shadow Guard were taken from the ranks of the Imperial Knights, a group often times called "Imperial Jedi" by those both inside and outside the Empire. Unlike Imperial Knights, who wore red body armor and carried silver lightsabers, Shadow Guard wore black body armor and helmets with floor-length black cloaks and carried staff sabers, two-meter-long pikes ending in a lightsaber emitter which brandished a red blade.


Six months after seemingly being defeated, The Organization resurfaced, sending its mysterious new enforcer, Lord Karnage, to give a message to the Empire by attacking Korribanosian emperor Soren Aedar and Jedi Grand Master Ky'rinn Con'rathan.

During the attack, a dozen Imperial Knights were used to battle Lord Karnage, a special squad trained in new techniques to designed to counter The Darkness. Of the original twelve, only five survived, with five perishing as a result of Master Con'rathan destroying Force Projections tied to their life forces and another two killing one another due to
Shadow Guard

Shadow Guard training with his staff saber

mental domination by Lord Karnage.

After Karnage was driven off Korribanos, the remaining five Knights were given extensive training beyond that of ordinary Imperial Knights and charged with the protection of the Emperor, who, unlike former Emperor Walker, had no Force powers of his own to protect him. Thus, in 10 NE, the Shadow Guard was born.


Though tasked with the protection of the Emperor, the Shadow Guard were sometimes implemented to escort other high-profile individuals, as was the case in 12 NE when three Guard accompanied former Emperor Walker to the Third Jedi Convocation. Their presence was a mere formality because, as Walker was a fully trained Sith Lord, he had little use for protection. However, it has been suggested, correctly, that the Guard were sent with him not for his own protection but for that of everyone else. After his time in the Darkness, he became a liability to the Empire and nearly always had counter-Darkness trained Shadow Guard nearby. Curiously, as of 14 NE, Walker, now going by the name Darth Taral, seemed to have outgrown the need for the constant supervision of the Guard. Whether this is because he is believed to be beyond relapse or some other reason is unknown.

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