Shadow Fleet

The Shadow Fleet in 10 NE.

The Shadow Fleet was a portion of the Stonewall Republic's Defense Starfleet that was dedicated for special missions. It was first put to use during the Second Confederate War when the Confederate-American Empire attacked the Stonewall System in 10 NE. The Shadow Fleet was best characterized by the dark black paint applied to all ships of the fleet.

Initial FormationEdit

With the conclusion of the First Confederate War in 4 NE, it was determined by the higher levels of the Stonewall Republic's military that a secret fleet should be developed to lie in wait outside the system should the Stonewall System ever be besieged such as it had in the First Confederate War. Commander in Chief of the Republic, Grand Admiral Robert Stanforth commissioned four Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyers to be constructed as the lead ships of this fleet. In addition to those four SSDs, fifty Imperial II-class Star Destroyers and Venator II-class Star Destroyers were commissioned to support the four larger ships. The only color these ships would be would be black-the logic that they would blend in better with the void of space around them.

Completion and AssignmentEdit

The Shadow Fleet was completed in 8 NE and crew were trained to operate the large Soverign ships. Captain Hurk Ulic was assigned as the commanding officer of the fleet and was granted the title of "High Captain"-the first to ever be granted that rank. The ships were stationed a few lightyears away from the Stonewall System and lay in standby mode until 10 NE.

With the Second Confederate War reaching its highest point, the Confederate-American Empire moved against the system. With Grand Admiral Robert Stanforth missing in action and First Admiral David Smith dead, Admiral William Bedford Forrest called in the Shadow Fleet to aide in battering the Sith fleet away from the system.

Unfortunately, that was not to happen. Markus Valkyrie and the rest of the Hassarian Consortium's betrayal, the Hassarkians launched an attack on the secret fleet. Although the Hassarkians were defeated, the Shadow Fleet was never able to reach the battle.

Aftermath of the WarEdit

With the conclusion of the Second Confederate War, the Shadow Fleet was decommissioned and its ships assigned to the Third Fleet under the command of Admiral Herbert Parker. Thus, the Shadow Fleet was no longer a fleet of itself, but rather a designation of a task force.

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