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a'Mon at age 24.

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Serion a'Mon was the founder of the Mon Family that would later become one of the Asha. He used a combination of natural intuition and clever deals to make quite a bit of wealth on stock trading, which he later turned over into new shipping and trading businesses.

Serion a'Mon
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

137 B.N.E.

Physical Description





159 cm

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information




Kingdom of Ish'Cong



Skills and Abilities




Early LifeEdit

Serion was born to a poor family in the waning days of the war in an area where crime, violent and otherwise, was widespread. Serion, like his siblings, was forced to go to various extremes in order to get enough money to buy food, water, and medicine. While Serion himself often refuses to speak of this part of his life, there are surviving records of Serion being arrested on several occasions, the crimes themselves varying from petty theft and assault and battery to possession and intent to distribute drugs. Serion's minority at the time served to shield him from lengthy prison times.

At some point around age 15 Serion somehow got involved with an illegal investing scheme. His experiences there changed him, and afterwards there are no more records of any criminal activity. Whether that's because he turned over a new leaf, or simply became more sophisticated isn't known, but this trend lasted even after the scheme was busted a year later.


His early life caused him to become what some might call 'street-smart', clever and cunning and able to read people easily. Furthermore, he has been called charismatic, with a silver tongue. Certainly he has ambition, having risen from a street urchin to an a, and it seems like his ambition will only take him to greater heights.

It also motivated him to become somewhat of a philanthropist, giving to charities set on sending poor children to better schools in particular. He has also been an proponent for expanding rehabilitation programs as a part of the justice system of Ish'Cong.

He hates poverty, and seems quite intent to forever amass wealth and power so as to avoid ever having to suffer poverty again.


Serion had a fairly large Family, despite the horrendous times and condition of the Family. Sadly, he is the last survivor, and the memory of those losses occasionally haunts him.

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