S18 Bonnie Blue Flag

Section 18's insignia, adopted in 145 BNE.

Section 18, often referred to as S18, was a secreative organization initially based in Richmond, VA, and later on Stonewall in the Stonewall System. S18 was a self appointed governmental watch group. It was responsible for alerting the western CSA of Jindle's power grab and later Admiral William Bedford Forrest of ex-Grand Admiral Stanforth's plans to dissolve the Stonewall Republic into a tyrannical empire.


"We, the eighteen members of this secretive organization, pledge to be the secret watchmen of democracy, willing to do anything to preserve our experiment in liberties and freedom. We are Section 18."
―The pledge of the original eighteen members of Section 18.
Section 18 was founded in 145 BNE, a year previous to the American Civil War, in Richmond, VA. It's main goal at the time was to infiltrate the Norths intelligence agencies and high levels of government to learn of the North's plans for a possible civil war. Upon the election of Abraham Lincoln, S18 operatives learned of his plan to smash the Southern opposition to his regime of fewer Southern Liberties and higher taxation for the southern states. Many of S18's operatives were torn between the North and South because of the slavery issue-most felt that slavery was wrong, however they could not work for a tyrant.


Section 18 operatives, originally eighteen in number, hence the name, worked throughout the entire American Civili War to neutralize enemy intelligence operatives and cause havoc in the White House in order to support the fragile Confederacy. They succeeded, resulting in the conclusion of the American Civil War.

S18 operatives were involved in WWII and in keeping the Confederacy out of Korea and Vietnam. S18 was fairly inactive until 3 NE, when they learned of various inquiries by Aden Fader's vice president, Bob Jindle, in gaining support for a power grab. They observed the situation until when Fader was in Paraguay when they alerted the Western States Senate Coalition of Jindle's plan. The Western States Senators and Representatives walked out of Congress, and returned home to begin fortifying their home states.

In 8 NE, S18 operatives alerted the leader of the Stonewall Republic, Grand Admiral Robert Stanforth, of the New Sith empire forming in the former Confederate States of America. Stanforth used this information to get into contact with Darth Labrusca, which S18 learned of.

S18 then used this information to alert Admiral William Bedford Forrest of the betrayal, who accessed Stanforth's files to corroborate the information.


Section 18 operatives are typically members of the highest echelons of the government. Known operatives, now retired, have been current Chancellor Theodore Jackson, Senator Danny Biar, and others. It is believed multiple Force Users are apart of the organization, however it is unknown. Section 18 only allows for eighteen operatives per their charter, and is considered a militia group by various liberal groups in the Stonewall Federation.

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